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I trust you, I want you to go out with your friends wether or not I’m friends with them does not matter. Now you need to trust me when I tell you this. There will be no more fights on this topic like I said

The way you drive me

You drive me absolutely mad. Completely crazy in the best way possible. I love you so much it’s retarded. I think about you from sun up to sun down. I want to talk to you even when there’s nothing to say. I want to hold you when you are not even cold. I want to love you everyday of my life. I want to have fun with you, fight you, make love to you, see things we’ve never seen before, and live our lives together. I need you baby and I miss you terribly.


Some of my @bodymodorganics #plugs. #bodymodorganics #bodymods #girlswithplugs #girlswithpiercings #labret #septum

This girl here is the women of my dreams. Dont ever go again, because I wont let you go twice. I love you so much dani that I want to yell at the top of my lungs. You make me happy and that’s something I haven’t been for the last 6 months


I feel like I’m going to constantly worry about you finding someone else. Someone better suited for you. Someone who understands better. Someone who isn’t me. I really don’t feel like you want me. Maybe you just dont want anyone else to have me. I dont know. 

Nope.. that is incorrect. Me, myself, I want you. I dont want anybody else, just you. And you are Damn right I dont want anyone else to have you, I have dibs. My germs. I want you to be the mother of my children.

Run away to the middle of nowhere

I fucking love you so much, I want you forever. There are somethings going on that I can’t stand, but things have changed since I left and I get that. I want to see you everyday, I want that empty spot in the bed filled with your presence again. We can finally run away now, let’s freaking hop to it, but…. he has to stay behind

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